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Claudius himself came for a quick go to to obtain the congratulations of the army within the victory which his lieutenant had gained.

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From Longman Dictionary of Modern Englishvictoryvic‧to‧ry /ˈvɪktəri/ ●●● W2 noun (plural victories) [countable, uncountable]    WINa condition by which you earn a battle, video game, election, or dispute OPP defeatvictory more than/from  the Raiders’ 35–17 victory about St Louisvictory for  The court’s final decision represents a victory for all Ladies. → Pyrrhic victoryCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + victorya terrific/main victoryHe reported the court docket’s determination was a fantastic victory.a simple victoryArsenal expected a fairly easy victory.a decisive victoryThe struggle was a decisive victory with the US. a landslide victory (=a earn by a very significant total within an election)No-one had expected this type of landslide victory.a crushing victory (=a get by a very significant total)Australia won a crushing 139-run victory above the West Indies.a narrow victory (=a acquire by a little sum)A normal election on Oct. 5 made a slender victory for the Men and women’s Progressive election/electoral victoryThe Democrats had been celebrating their election victory.a armed service victoryone of the final’s most well-known navy victoriesa ethical victory (=whenever you demonstrate your beliefs are ideal, even if you get rid of the argument)The victims’ people claimed the verdict like a ethical victory.verbswin/rating a victoryToday We've gained a very important victory.lead someone to victoryShe led her crew to victory from the finals.clinch victory (=lastly earn)Adams scored A final-minute objective to clinch victory.pull off a victory (=earn when it is hard)Martin pulled off a surprise victory inside the semi-final.sweep to victory (=acquire effortlessly)Nixon swept to victory by forty seven million votes to 29 million.victory + NOUNvictory celebrationsThe victory celebrations went on all evening.a victory paradeThey plan to hold a victory parade.a victory lap (=each time a profitable runner or participant runs throughout the participating in area)He then took a victory lap across the arena.phrasesa string of victories (=a number of victories)The staff received a string of victories.COMMON ERRORS ► Don’t say ‘get victory’ or ‘have the victory’. Say gain a victory or acquire victory. THESAURUSvictory noun [countable, uncountable] a condition where you gain a battle, recreation, election, or disputeThe crowds celebrated Italy’s victory versus England.The party won a cushty victory in the final election.We’re really confident of victory.

above disease. conquest usually means the act of overcoming and gaining control over anyone or one thing. We're studying Rome's conquests

Apparently the whetstone, a rock accustomed to sharpen applications, emerged because the prize for this strange competition as a result of its figurative Affiliation with sharpness.

Мы знаем, что часто с помощью нашего сервиса вы изучаете иностранные языки, а также делаете домашние задания в школе, институте и на курсах, и уверены, что наши словари будут незаменимыми помощниками в этом процессе.

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bear the palm To get the very best; to win, to come back out on leading. The allusion is into the apply within the Roman Online games of presenting a victorious gladiator or winner of one of many game titles by using a palm department being a symbol of victory. George Chapman utilised the phrase in his renowned translation of Homer’s Iliad (1611).

n → Sieg m; to gain or earn a victory over any individual/a little something → einen Sieg über jdn/etw erringen, jdn/etw besiegen; his ultimate victory around his worry → die endgültige click here Überwindung seiner Angst

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"He took a cigarette from the crumpled packet marked VICTORY CIGARETTES and incautiously held it upright, whereupon the tobacco fell out on to the ground." -excert from Chapter 1 of 1984 by George Orwell

Though the troops ended up sick-clad, exhausted, and experienced dropped a third in their amount in killed, wounded, sick, and stragglers; while several sick and wounded were abandoned on one other aspect from the Danube which has a letter through which Kutuzov entrusted them on the humanity in the enemy; and nevertheless the large hospitals and the houses in Krems converted into military hospitals could not accommodate many of the Ill and wounded, still the stand produced at Krems plus the victory over Mortier elevated the spirits of the military considerably.

whitewash To circumvent the opponents from scoring any factors. The concept of “no score” in this casual Americanism is conveyed via the graphic of a whitewashed ‘thoroughly clean, getting no marks’ scoreboard.

Catastrophe inside of a Big apple tunnel as explosions collapse both of those finishes of it. A person hero attempts to assistance the people today inside of obtain their solution to protection.

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